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Mini controller

1. RF remote is fashionable and super thin and light, easy to carry; receiver is small and easy to install.
2. RF remote is low power consume, long distance, with penetrating power and independend ID, without interference.
3. 4096 grey levels(most are 256 levels on the market) makes the softer dimming and more colorful dynamic changes.
4.1 receiver can load 3 different remotes, 1 receiver can make brightness dimming(Remoter: S1), color temperature(Remoter: S2) and RGB control (Remoter: S3).
5.Simple design of remote control, easy to use.

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Remoter Technical Parameter

Model(Optional) S1(DIM)/S2(CT)/S3(RGB)
Working voltage DC3V battery CR2025
Working Voltage 433.92MHz
Working temperature 20C---55C
Remote distance  30m
Product size(mm) L94*W60*H7
N.W. 42g
G.W. 115g

Receiver Technical Parameter

Model(Optional) S-3A
Working voltage DC12-24V
Max current 3A*3CH,Max 9A
Max power 108W(12V)/216W(24V)
Grey level Max 4096*4096*4096
Working Temperature -30C---55C
Product size(mm) L87*W39*H28
N.W.    31g

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  • HL-RGB302-6A

    1.For RGB LED lamp dimming and color changing.
    2.Sensitive touchable key + IR remote control.
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  • LED digital video tub

    1.144pcs 5mm straw-hat LED 5050 smd RGB led;
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