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  • mmwave sensor, 80G, signal is so powerful that it can penitrate walls, go through earth, no mater wheter it is day or night.

    We're very proud that we've got the chance to develop this interesting instrument,we can use it to do people counting in meeting room,plaza, shopping center etc, and track people or animal movements in around 200meters, maximum 20people per square meters; and can detect heart beat rate, breath wave, just like what an electrocardiagram shows, without touching or wearing sensor within around 5-20 meters.

    Now the module is very compact, the size is only 40mm*40mm, and the final finish product will be around 165*70*40mm, it will be widely applied in samrt air conditioner, safeguard, driving, highway to detect distance and speed, medical care, fire control, UAV, rescue etc.
  • With over 10 years of rich experience and powerful R&D team in LED controller, LED driver and LED lighting field, we are going to release some new series of LED controllers, on MIC( ). Now we have released a new powerful dmx512 decoder, 5CH*8A,  DC12-24V, one can maximum load total 960W LED lights at dC24V! 30KHZ, and GAMA curve adjusted, no flickery, no noise at all, very suitable for film or studio applications! 
  • On June 9-12, "Hiline" attended the 21st Guangzhou International Lighting Fair. During the show, lots of visitors were very interested in our  LED RGB controllers, LED dimmers especially in our triac dimmable dimmers and dali dimmers, DMX512 decoders, and some LED lights such as our LED moving head, some visitors even bought some samples at our stand;

    Our DMX512 dimmable power supply and our LED moving head attracted many eyes during the fair, some visitors left their name cards and placed  trial orders even though it was the first time we met together, thanks very much for trusting us, we will do better in the coming years.

    We will release more DMX512 dimmable power supply, RGB power supply and digital controllers shortly. Looking forward to working with you soon!

    Zhuhai Hiline Electronics Co., Ltd

  • Come and meet us at Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition in 2016, the fair will be on June 9-12, we will show some new led controllers, led drivers, our  booth No.: G53, Hall 9.3, looking forward to your visit.
  • The 15th edition Hong Kong International Lighting Fair—one of the world’s largest professional international lighting exhibition has been held from Oct. 27th to Oct. 30th, 2013.
    Hiline company exhibited over 10 advanced new LED controllers and  multiple updated models, and has achieved great success on the show, with getting warm reaction by over 1,100 customers from all over the world.
    Zhuhai Hiline

    Nov. 1, 2013