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80G mmwave sensor 2019-08-28
mmwave sensor, 80G, signal is so powerful that it can penitrate walls, go through earth, no mater wheter it is day or night.

We're very proud that we've got the chance to develop this interesting instrument,we can use it to do people counting in meeting room,plaza, shopping center etc, and track people or animal movements in around 200meters, maximum 20people per square meters; and can detect heart beat rate, breath wave, just like what an electrocardiagram shows, without touching or wearing sensor within around 5-20 meters.

Now the module is very compact, the size is only 40mm*40mm, and the final finish product will be around 165*70*40mm, it will be widely applied in samrt air conditioner, safeguard, driving, highway to detect distance and speed, medical care, fire control, UAV, rescue etc.